How do I change the battery in my COOKOO Watch?

The battery for your COOKOO Watch's connected display is a standard CR2032 battery and is easy to replace. Here's how to change the battery:

  1. Make sure your watch is off (no icons on or flashing).
  2. Carefully remove the battery cover from the back of the watch. Pay attention to the small rubber gasket along around the edge of the compartment.
  3. Gently remove the battery using a small screwdriver to release the spring on the side.
  4. Remove the white insulation sticker from the back of the original battery and place the sticker on the back of the new battery.
  5. Insert the new battery (sticker side up) and close the cover, ensure the rubber gasket is still in place around the edge of the battery compartment.


Check out the video below to see how to replace the battery in your watch:

Note: The rubber gasket around the battery compartment is there to maintain the watch's water resistance. If the gasket is not properly in place or is not re-installed, your watch will no longer be water resistant.

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