How do I customize the COMMAND button functions of my watch?

The COMMAND button on your watch can be configured to to perform up to three different actions (Facebook check-in, drop a pin, etc.). Here's how to configure your watch's COMMAND button:

  1. Open the COOKOO app.
  2. Select your watch from the devices list.
  3. Tap the settings icon in the upper-right corner and then tap "More...".
  4. Scroll down to set the COMMAND button action for short, medium, and long button presses.

When setting your desired button actions, note that each function can only be selected once so you will need to un-check your selections to move them between button presses.

Did you know you can also use the COMMAND button to take a picture or control your music?
Click here to learn more about taking a picture with your watch.
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to learn more about controlling music with your watch.

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