How do I set the volume for the Find my Phone alert?

You can configure the COMMAND button of your watch to help you find your phone. When you use this feature, your phone will play an audible alert to help you locate it.

The volume of the Find my Phone alert is based on the system volume (rather than the ringer volume) of your phone. Here's how to make sure the alert will play at the highest volume:

  1. Check that your phone's ringer is turned on and not in silent mode (the system volume is automatically muted when your phone is silenced).
  2. Open the COOKOO app and then use the volume up (+) button on your phone to set the volume to its highest setting.

Click here to learn more about using the Find my Phone feature.

Note: Other applications may use or adjust the system volume setting as well. Changing the volume in these apps will also change the volume of the COOKOO alert.

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