How do I turn my COOKOO Watch on or off?

We recommend leaving your COOKOO watch on unless you are instructed to turn it off (e.g. when flying). Here's how to turn your COOKOO Watch on or off:

To turn your COOKOO watch on, press and hold the CONNECT button for 3 seconds (until the first beep) and then release. All of the watch icons will flash once when your watch powers on and the COOKOO icon will continue to blink until the watch reconnects with your phone. For the watch to automatically reconnect with your phone, make sure your phone is nearby, the COOKOO app is running, and that your watch has already been connected with your phone.

To turn your COOKOO watch off, press and hold the CONNECT button for 3 seconds (until the first beep); all of the icons will flash and the watch will power off.


Did you know the analog watch movement will always stay on and keep the time? Powering the watch on/off will only affect the Connected Display.

Note: When you power the watch ON and OFF, only press the CONNECT button until the first beep (3 seconds). Holding the CONNECT button longer can cause the watch to be made NEW which means it no longer retains the information to reconnect with your phone.

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