How can I find my phone using my watch?

You can use the Find my Phone feature to help locate your phone if you've misplaced it nearby using the COMMAND button of your watch.

To locate your phone, press and hold the COMMAND button for a medium button press (until the first beep). Your phone will then sound an alert for 15 seconds to help you locate it.

Can't locate your phone in the 15 seconds? No worries--just repeat the steps to trigger the Find my Phone alert again!

These instructions are for the default COMMAND button settings. Click here to learn about how you can customize the COMMAND button actions on your watch.

Note: In order to use the Find my Phone feature, your phone needs to be turned on and connected to your COOKOO watch. The volume of the alert is controlled by you phone's system volume setting. Click here to learn about adjusting the volume of the Find my Phone alert.

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