How do I control music playback using my watch?

When using the music player on your phone, you can use the COMMAND button to control the music playback (play, pause, skip, and stop).

The first time you use this feature, you will need to enable Music Controls in the COOKOO app. To enable the Music Controls, open the COOKOO app and select your watch from the devices list. Tap the settings icon, select "More..." and then scroll down to toggle the music controls on.

Start the music player as you normally would on your iPhone. Once the music begins playing, you can use the COMMAND button to control playback.

The following music controls are available:

  • Play/Pause--short button press (press and release)
  • Skip Track--medium button press (first beep)
  • Stop--long button press (second beep)

When the music player is active on your phone, the COMMAND button actions will automatically control the music playback. In order to drop a pin, check-in, or use another command button action you will first need to stop the music on your phone (either using a long button press or stopping playback from your phone).

Note: You can still use the COMMAND button to take a picture when music is playing. Click here to learn about taking a picture with your watch.

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