How do I manage my Facebooke and Twitter accounts?

The COOKOO app is able to manage which Twitter and Facebook accounts you will receive notifications from. To manage which accounts your COOKOO Watch will notify you of new alerts, you will need to access the Accounts Settings. Here’s how:

  1. Open the COOKOO app and select “Settings”.
  2. Tap the “My accounts” bar.
  3. Select which option you wish to modify.

The Facebook account will use whichever account you are currently connected through the Facebook app.

To change the Facebook accounts: Logout of Facebook from the COOKOO app (Settings > My accounts > Facebook > Logout). Then, open the Facebook app and change the account you are logged in to. Once that has been completed, go back into the COOKOO app account settings (Settings > My accounts) and select Facebook to link the new Facebook account with the COOKOO app.

To use a Twitter account: You can select any twitter account that you have added to the Twitter settings on your phone (iOS Settings > Twitter).

Note: Any changes you make to your Facebook or Twitter accounts will not be reflected on this page until you log out and log back in (e.g. changing your primary email address in Facebook).

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