COOKOO Watch software -- what it is and how it relates to your ConnecteDevice experience

The COOKOO Watch's software is akin to an internal operating system on the watch. Having the latest software will allow your watch to receive a wider variety of notifications, improve connectivity and increase battery life. Here's how you can check your watch's software:

1) Go to the radar screen in the COOKOO Life application.



2) Tap the COOKOO Watch birdhouse icon to access the watch details screen.



3) Tap on "Device Info"



4) Under "Software Revision" you will find the watch's software version.




There are three software categories: non-upgradeable, upgradeable, and ANCS-compatible.  The table below lists each category and the associated software versions.

Non-upgradeable   ANCS-compatible
01_00_0004   01_04_XXXX

Non-upgradeable software is not Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS) compatible, meaning you will not receive all notifications on your watch with iOS 7 and this version of the software. This version of the software cannot be updated to an ANCS compatible version of the software. However, you can contact our friendly support staff for a solution by clicking here.

Upgradeable software is not ANCS compatible, but can be upgraded to a later version to have full ANCS compatibility. To watch the video tutorial on upgrading your software, please click here.


ANCS-compatible software is the latest software designed with iOS 7 in mind. This software allows the COOKOO watch to receive a wide variety of notifications, including SMS text messages.


If you are having difficulty understanding the differences in the COOKOO Watch software please contact customer support here.

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