How to Locate Your Email, Voicemail, and Google Voice SMS Tokens

Once you have created your ConnecteDevice account (click here to learn how), you will receive three unique tokens (or forwarding addresses) that you can use to receive notifications on your watch or keyfob. You will need these tokens to set up your email, voicemail, or Google Voice SMS notifications.

After your account is set up, you can find your tokens in one of two places:

  1. In the COOKOO app.
    Open the COOKOO app and tap "Settings" in the upper-right corner on the devices screen. Select "My Accounts" and tap "ConnecteDevice." Your email, voicemail, and SMS tokens will be displayed.
  2. In your confirmation email.
    You should have received a confirmation email from ConnecteDevice when your account was created. Locate this email in your inbox--it will have your email, voicemail, and SMS tokens listed.


Did you know you can easily copy your tokens from the app? Use the instructions above to locate your tokens in the app. Double tap on your desired token, drag the blue pins to ensure the entire token is highlighted and then tap "Copy." Paste the token wherever you need to.


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