Setting up SMS and Voicemail Notifications for Google Voice

You can receive notifications on your watch when you get receive an SMS message or voicemail through your Google Voice account. Before you begin, make sure you have set up your ConnecteDevice account from the COOKOO app (click here to learn how).

First we must set up your Google Voice account to forward voicemail and text messages to your token account provided in the email you received when registering your account in the COOKOO app. Here's how:

  1. Open Google Voice settings.
  2. Select "Voicemail & Text".
  3. Ensure Voicemail Notifications is checked for "Email the message to:".
  4. Select your SMS token email address if listed or add it using "Add new email address".
  5. Verify Text forwarding, Voicemail transcripts and Transcribe voicemails are all checked.
  6. Click "Save changes" to make apply all changes.

Note: If you add a new email address you will need to refresh your screen to see it once confirmed.

Once this is done, you will begin to receive Google Voice SMS and voicemail alerts on your COOKOO Watch.

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