Why can't I receive email notifications?

If you're unable to receive email notifications, it is likely that your App or device settings are incorrect.

To enable email alerts to be triggered on your watch, do the following :


1. Launch your ConnectedWatch App

In the upper right side of the App, tap on the notification settings.

Swipe the email alert to your right side to enable this.


2. Adjust your device settings

Go to Settings > Notification Center > INCLUDE

Under 'INCLUDE' you should see the iOS Native Email App listed. If you do not see this, it means that the Email Alerts in your device settings is disabled.

Go further down to 'DO NOT INCLUDE' to find the iOS Native Email App and then enable this.


3. Make sure you enable ALL email accounts you wish to receive alerts from.

Note : iOS does NOT automatically enable you to receive push-notifications for all your email accounts listed in your device. This must be done manually.

Under 'INCLUDE' > Mail

Tap on your email account and select Alert Style, Sound, Show in Notification Center or Show on Lock Screen.


This should now enable you to receive your email alerts.





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